Can & Warmer

Teapots are our world.
Can pour well from our manufactory and do not drop. We achieve this through the perfectly designed form, which dates back to a long tradition and a 250-year experience. We developed the final Form 10 years ago in a three-year intensive design phase. With this design we are so satisfied that we vouch for our product with our "left" hand. A perfect lid protection prevents the lid from falling out when pouring. The shards of our fine stoneware, which are burned at 1,250 °c, promise a long lifespan without hairline cracks and edge-off. If you are not satisfied, you can return the can without discussion. We love teapots and have been living with them for 200 years. Our teapots are the best in the world, from the use value and the classic beauty.

Click below an article that is shown in the décor blue 1Punkt as an example. Then you can look at this form in more than 30 decors.

We manufacture all items for you after the order. The production/Lieferzeit is 3 to 4 weeks. If you have an urgent appointment, please call us at: 033931-349512. Some items are in stock and do not have to be manufactured separately. Then we can deliver in a few days.

Our ceramic articles are manufactured entirely in our Rheinsberger manufactory and meet the requirements of the German Consumer Goods Ordinance.